It has come to my attention that six out of the eight people I am closest to have drunk in secret. Out of their parents’ sight. All have drunk enough to notice a change in their vision or whatnot. So they’ve all gotten buzzed or drunk.

This pisses me off. I try to reason with them that it’s not what they should be doing.  They all try to tell me that “it won’t be a problem” and that I “shouldn’t worry about it.”

Well, one of my best friends told me that last month and now he’s a freaking alcoholic. Even though he won’t admit it.

Some of you will tell me that it’s “not a big deal.” Yes, it is. It is a big freaking deal.  You’re throwing away your futures. You’re drowning them in your materialistic attempts in pleasing yourself through substances. Plus, you’re underage. You’re breaking the freaking law.

“You break the law all the time, Jason.” No, I don’t. I stopped downloading things. I gave it up because it’s wrong. It took me a huge effort to stop because I’d been doing it for so long. But you drinkers. Your bodies will get used to the alcohol intake and if you quit cold turkey the way I did, you’re going to die.

Now I’ve lost too many relatives to let this happen to any of my friends.

Stop it. Stop it now. Even though I do realize that you won’t take heed to my attempts to stop you from destroying yourselves.


One thought on “Rant

  1. I’m impressed, Jason.

    Honestly, I think a lot of what you say is bullshit, but it takes some balls to look out for your friends’ interests against their will.

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