I think censorship is a little counter-productive. Especially censorship in the United States. At least, verbal censorship.

If you think about it, people sometimes only half-censor what they’re saying, like instead of saying the “f” word, they’ll say “f**k” or “S**t” for the “s” word. And when people get yelled at for saying certain words in front of children…

The children will eventually catch on.

As a child, I was smart enough to figure out some of these words on my own. The “f” word included. From the failed censorship I figured out that those words were supposed to be censored and that they could be used as bad words–something that I may not have known otherwise. So I don’t think there really is a point, anymore, in censoring words.

Instead, we should censor visual things. Butts. Boobs. Other things. You can’t really half-censor a butt if you cover the whole thing up.

I think we should also reverse society’s desensitization, even glorification, of violence. Blood = bad.


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