ya guys i realize its been a long time since i posted last so here it goes

I was heading home from my violin lesson today when my brother decided to stop by a Gyro house/place/thing to pick up some food so we could eat later. My brother bought three, one for me, one for him, and one, I figured was for my mom, it being mother’s day and all.

But I had my suspicions, like that he knew that there was going to be a hobo standing on a corner for us to give the food to.

Then my mind cut to a clip of The Simpsons, where Homer decidedly goes panhandling, and being insane and all, he’s really successful. Then I thought to myself, “if someone’s that crazy, what will he do with that money?” My mind went straight to the fact that if there were real people that insane, then they’d definitely be part of something, making money for some kind of “head beggar” guy.

Then I thought about all of those beggars I’d seen in Taiwan. The same ones, without legs, or without arms. Then it hit me.

Those people aren’t most definitely in those “gangs,” for lack of a better term. They still need money to survive on their own.

[/thought process]

Here’s a something.


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