Merry Christmas.

Well, happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. For those of you who didn’t figure it out, that is. >.>

Since we talked about time in the last post, I wanted to talk about it again. We all know that time is irreversible.  Irrevocable.

This concept is not escapable, even though we do try to get around it sometimes. For example. If you’re typing something, make a mistake (lol, I just made a few mistakes) and you hit the backspace key a few times, you’re not turning back time. You cannot untype what you just typed. Rather, you’re going over it, smoothing it out by typing a white space over it. It’s like hitting the space bar, but backward, overwriting what you just wrote.

What else can you not undo?

You can’t uncook a food.

You can’t uneat a food. I guess you can throw it up, but it’s not the same.

You can’t untear a paper. Tape doesn’t automatically fix the seams.

You can’t unread a book.

But what about the other way around?

Can you unfix a car? Can you un-tape that piece of paper?

The answer is no. You can’t undo anything in your life.

And that is why, sirs and sir-ettes, you must be careful with all that you do in your life.

For there is no such thing as “just like new,” except what is new.


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