Question. (again)

I was watching The Bee Movie when I thought up this question. For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, Barry (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) is a bee and is unhappy when he hears that he is stuck with one job for his entire life. Then he rebels and goes outside the hive and a bunch of convoluted subplots arise.

But that’s aside the point. When I first heard about this, too, I totally went for option B. Then I thought a little deeper. Choice A is the one we SHOULD be making. One choice: God. And let’s leave the rest up to him. Heck, I’ve already made that choice and I can’t say He’s led me astray.


One thought on “Question. (again)

  1. As someone who believes in “Watch-Maker” God, I deeply disagree with the notion that he controls every aspect of choice in every day life. I believe he started the onset and he knows the conclusion, but the middle part is up to us to meddle through. Multiple means to one end and all that.

    And that “choosing God” should mean trying to live the best life you can, which means you consciously make choices everyday to keep yourself to the lifestyle that is “choosing God”.

    Think about it, people go back and forth on “choosing God” all the time. So it can’t just be the one time, one choice. It’s a constant, on-going decision. The choice is brought up anew every second, kind of like an “are you sure?” repeating o’er and o’er.

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