It seems like that’s what everybody strives to make better.

I’ve changed my views. Not everything is done for money. Most of it is because of reputation as well. Parents of different families fight over their children’s abilities to play music or strive academically to increase their reputation. People strive for college, so they can be seen as the “rich, successful person” who’s all rich and famous. Then they start to donate it so they can be seen as the philanthropist.

People can have genuine intentions, too. Not everything is done just for reputation; don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to generalize people, either.

Here’s a question that popped into mind just now: Does the want for a better reputation cause competition, or does competition cause the want?

Scratch that. It’s a stupid question. ┬áBecause….. I don’t know. I’m really tired.

Good night.


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