It’s been a long time since I put up a “Random thoughts” post. So here goes:

I find it ironic when Atheists say “Oh my God” or celebrate Christmas.

I equate girls’ lusting over a hot guy’s abs with guys’ staring at a girl’s boobs.

I still don’t like Korean music. I mean, with Christian music, I was forced to listen to it for a pretty long time, and I came to like it after a while. I can’t do that with Korean music.

I’m confiding in people I thought I’d never like.

I don’t celebrate Halloween because it goes against my religion. None of you Christians should either.

Speaking of religion…. aren’t other monotheistic religions also right, but only practiced in a different way? At least… Christianity, Judaism and Islam should. It was at the prophets where they branched.

My cousin totally looks like Taylor Lautner.


5 thoughts on “11-23-2009

  1. not saying that i celebrate halloween, but people don’t “celebrate” it… it just gives people an excuse to get candy. if halloween was celebrated for what it really was (“hallow’s eve”), then that would go against our religion.

    just thought that i’d put that out there.

  2. Atheists celebrating Christmas is not really for its original intent, but rather for the more secularized gift-giving and merriment aspect, which seems okay to me (within reason, of course).

    Abs and breasts aren’t quite the same, but I’d take it as a compliment if chicks were staring at my abs. I don’t quite know why girls don’t see it the same way, although it might have something to do with sensitivity, haha…

  3. Dude. A few comments:

    Halloween is not the pagan religion it once was. Also, if we’re not suppose to celebrate on pagan holidays, there goes Easter (Fertility Festival) and Christmas (Solstice) It does not goes against my religion and I like to think of myself as some branch of Christianity. So don’t claim to speak for us all. Christianity is a variety of different interpretations, many of which do not align with yours or mine for that matter.

    Also, “Oh My God” is boiled down to a saying in pop culture. If you were this “true Christian” you claim to be with the not celebrating Halloween and all then you wouldn’t be allowed to say it either. I know in my childhood it was treated as if we were swearing. “No saying God’s name in vain!”

    As for the lusting equating. THAT is a HUGE difference. We girls, we have abs, stare at our abs, whatever. But do not stare at our breasts! It makes women severly uncomfortable. What would be an equatable thing is if women were staring at a man’s junk. Breasts DO NOT equal Abs. Especially because in our culture, the last time I checked it was okay for a man to walk around without a shirt on, but not okay for a woman to.

    There. That’s my rebuttal.

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