Alright, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. It’s because my mind has been blank because of school and homework and just… life. No time to think. Only to work.

And play games.

I’ve been playing GTAIV lately. I have to say, this GTA is really different from the games in the GTAIII series (which includes Vice City, San Andreas, etc).

You know how GTA is, though. Killing cops, stealing cars, shooting people, blowing up innocent people.

But there’s something about this game that really irks me.

You go through the game, being a contract killer,  assassinating people, delivering drug packages, etc. You know, illegal stuff.

But then, whenever the main character is offered drugs, he refuses.

When he’s offered alcohol, he refuses.

When he’s offered smokes, he refuses.

Rockstar (the creators of GTA) know that they’ve gotten in trouble for being a bad influence on players. So they must have done this on purpose.

There’s a function where you can go to a bar with friends. And when it’s over, you leave the bar piss drunk. The screen moves around and stuff, and you can’t walk straight without falling over. If you get into a car, the main character says, “I’m not in a position to make good choices right now.”

It’s almost like Rockstar is trying to educate us.

But their efforts go to waste when the whole game is centered around killing people, running drugs and stealing things.

The main character doesn’t even wear a seatbelt when he drives. You know how I know? Because many a time I have gotten into a head-on collision with another car, or drove straight into a  low obstacle, and flown through the windshield, shattering it, throwing me head over heels about 50 feet away. Yet somehow he always survives.

Wouldn’t you think that if Rockstar was using that to make people wear seatbelts, they’d at least make the guy die afterward? Because nobody can survive a head-on collision at 90MPH, get back up and into the car, and drive away.

Rockstar, I applaud your efforts. But try harder.


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