Alright, there are two things I want to talk about today. One is stereotypes. The other is pop culture. I’ll separate them with a line.


We all see stereotypes. I’ve written essays on it. I even posted them on my other blog. You can see it here.

“You’re Asian, so you must be hella good at math, and you must play violin and piano.”

The fact is, I CHOSE to play those instruments. And I can’t do anything about math. I suck at it.

Yes, I CHOSE to play them. It was a conscious decision. My mom made my brother take piano lessons when he was in Kindergarten, and I went to the lessons, heard it and asked my mom if I could take lessons as well. I was three at the time. I don’t think my mom ever wanted me to take lessons.

Violin. My parents apparently saw my budding passion for music and used to take me and my brother to watch the Seattle Symphony a lot. Like… a LOT. I remember that when they would tune before they played, that they were going to play “Star Wars,”  because, you know, the introductory chord in “Star Wars” is a B-flat major scale, and the brass tunes to a B-flat… Yeah. Anyway. I remember that one day we were watching TV and I pointed at the violins and I said, “I wanna play dat.” They were like, “O.O really?” I said yes, of course, and I got lessons. I was five. But I screwed around, both in piano and violin lessons, which is why I’m not as good as I should be.

Also: “You’re Asian, so you must play Starcraft, like, 24/7”

No. NO. Here’s the truth: I hate Starcraft. I HATE it. Kinda. I only play it as a last resort, or if certain friends are over at my house.

If you consider this the stereotype, then I’m definitely whitewashed.

It is completely unfair to put me in a group where you expect certain people to  do (or play) certain things just because the color of their hair and the size of their… car….


As my friends and I were discussing very recently, the world is going down in a ball of flame.

One of my teachers told me and my class that our class is “a bunch of wimps.”  Registration for AP English III this year was an all-time low.

But, in the words of Chuck Norris, and I quote, “If we’re going to win America’s culture wars, we need the younger generations to do it. … We need to re-engage with our young people and plug them in to America’s glorious past so they can build a brighter future. ”

We, as teenagers in the 21st century, have apparently been given a huge responsibility.

But it begins with our attitude.

I honestly feel sorry for Lady Gaga. I don’t like her music or anything, and I don’t think she’s that good-looking, but I think there’s a reason why she hid her secret.

Because people like all of YOU would just make fun of her. Give her credit for hiding it for that long, and give her credit for being so cool about it. Others would have exploded or hid away in their caves on Hollywood Hills.

Sometimes, however, people just ask for it. Like that Kanye West.  But then people who took his image and photoshopped it into other things weren’t very creative. I even saw some of Edward and half-blood whatnot.

Here’s something I thought of a while back, but never put together until today:


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