One of the quotes that I remember most vividly is the one that “Friends come and go.” This have never really realized how true this is until this year.

As I go out of my way to branch out and find new friends, to talk to people that I normally don’t talk to, I turn around and realize that my older friends are doing one or more of the following:

1) Not talking to or ignoring me.

2) Trying to get away from me as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3) Avoiding me at all costs.

I think about this … and it saddens me to the point where I just wonder why I even bother to make friends if they are just going to turn around and walk away.

Yeah, something tells me that this is partially my fault, but if  I’m willing to turn around and try to get this friendship back together, I know we’ve had a good run and I want it back.

I just want it back.

Friends are what make this life worth living.


3 thoughts on “Memories.

  1. That sucks. I have gotten the feeling sometimes that my friends would rather not be around me. Sometimes thats real, sometimes its bull. We make new friends because its always worth giving it a shot. Think about it this way: If you knew your friends would be turning away from you eventually, would you have still made friends with them? Are all the fun times you had in the meantime worth it? I hope so, because as you said “Friends are what make this life worth living.”

  2. and the rest of the quote “…but for the precious few you should hold on”

    if they’re avoiding you, then maybe they’re not the precious few

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