What has it become?

It seems like it’s become nothing more than a competition.

Between me and my friends.

Between me and the rest of the school.

Between me and the world.

It seems as if in this competition, we’ve lost sight of what school really is about.

Colleges say they look at grades. They look at numbers that an individual attains.

But what is the REAL point of school?


So, in this mad scramble to achieve what we can, to get as close as possible to that 4.0, we study and study.

But 90% of this knowledge we gain is forgotten right when the test is over.

Let me ask you this:

We see videos of  Americans being “stupid” like


Who do you think is to blame?

Okay, maybe not the second video.

But I blame the schools, man.  Schools put too much emphasis on the competitive part of schooling.

They don’t even bother to bring up the fact that we’re supposed to be learning.

I don’t know. Maybe they think it’s a given.

But think about it. Does your school do anything that shows that you haven’t been learning?

YES. It’s called a beginning-of-the-year-review!

Why do you need a review if you’ve made sure you’ve learnt it already?

What you’ve done now is  relearn what you had learned all last year, but in a fraction of the time.

But it’s a serious waste of time. We could be learning new concepts during that time.

Either way, this competitiveness of school is stressing kids out, man.

Some of them are driven to their limits. Some bully others. Some commit suicide.

All this for what–to have the child’s family spend more money to learn more stuff that he’ll forget right as the test is over?

Think about it.


3 thoughts on “School.

  1. Well, according to capitalism, competition is what drives people. If a school is really upper-crust, then people will duke it out to the end to try and get in. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to measure learning attained other than through tests, and that becomes the root of the competitiveness.

    As for review, it’s goal is to prevent the very 90% loss of knowledge that you claim occurs. You can’t expect somebody to learn everything once and then remember it forever

    Now, while I agree that schooling isn’t all that it could be, it isn’t as bad as I think it’s portrayed here…

  2. You can’t base the general knowledge of citizens in the United States of America off of a small group of people, many of which seemed to be of questionable mental state.

  3. What you learn in school is what you’re supposed to apply outside of school.

    Most of the skills, manners and thought processes I’ve learned were from school. You learn how to socialize, to network, to become responsible and own up to what you were assigned to do.

    What you should think about is how to apply the things you learn in school to your own life.

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