Would you rather…?

Please poll before you read.

I have tried many a year to find the perfect ratio for this quiz. And I really want to know what people think.

I have, honestly, always thought that I would enjoy solitude more. As I saw it, groups corrupt the mind. And they do. But if you try to make decisions without groups, you might be in trouble because you might not think of certain consequences.

But individuality is awesome. I really enjoy being me. An individual. I have my thoughts. I have development of ideas. I get what I want, basically. Whatever I want goes. Like communism? You got it. Too bad you’re the only person in the vicinity.

If you don’t mind, I would like a comment on what you voted for and why. That would be great.

Again, I only posted this because I want to know what people think.



6 thoughts on “Would you rather…?

  1. God is a relational God.

    Humans were created in His image, therefore humans are created to be relationship.

    The emotions/feelings/psyche/mentality that are hardwired in our systems explain why healthy lives require healthy relationships. :]

  2. I think solitude can be beautiful, but only for a limited time. Humans, as mammals, are social creatures, and I think ten years would be too much to be by yourself. There’s no mental stimulation.

    I think I would choose the ten hours, if I knew I was going to die. Being with the people you love, knowing that that was the last time you were going to see them, would be very freeing. Ten hours is good because it gives you time to spend with each individual person. You could tell them the things you always wanted them to know, but were too afraid of the consequences, whether what you were saying was good or bad. You could, for once, entirely be yourself in a group of people. And I think the ability to do that, is one of the most beautiful things of all.

  3. wtf, that’s hardly a choice. obviously 10 years and continue living. after solitude, u can be with ur friends for…well…more than 10 days 😐 and u get to live longer.

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