In my poll, “religious” may apply to any religion.

You know, I’ve lived on both sides.

I’ve been non-Christian and have bashed everything about Christianity.

Now I’m Christian.

And I have to say, this side of the fence is greener. Without doubt.

When I was over there, I struggled with life.  And admittedly, I always felt a void in my heart.

I filled that void with video games and numerous other things like bullying.

It didn’t work, so I dropped the bullying and devoted my life to video games.

It worked for a while… then I became bored.

I had nothing else to turn to so I just kept playing.

Now that I know what that void is filled by…

It feels great.

I feel like I have no cares in the world.

I sit there, try to be the best Christian I can by helping others, stopping myself from sinning, etc.

And God does the rest.

So I encourage you.

If you don’t know Jesus.

Ask a friend about church.

I guarantee it will be the best thing that has happened and will happen to you.


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