The (land) trek, 5-24

This is where I walked today. Estimated walking distance: 6.81 miles.

I left at 6:30 and got home at around 9:15.

Things I learned/saw today:

Nobody is on the road in the afternoon on Sundays.

Roadkill on the sidewalk =/= Sidewalkkill.

Nathan STILL won’t let me stop by. (I don’t blame him).

Raisins do wonders for your stomach. =D

I saw an Asian girl in a black dress (I think), going by in a black sedan, when I was near BKo’s house… I turned and glanced at her, but she was already turning to the driver, probably to tell him or her that she knows me.

As I was walking by the Crown Park area, and there’s that road that almost nobody uses… there was a bird about three feet away from me. I would have approached it but the sun was already down and I needed to get home.

Every bird has a distinctive call. Even those of the same species. They are just different pitches. And it’s very difficult to imitate a bird call.

The marshy side of the Speedway is very scary. I walked past a patch of grass and saw something move. It might have been a snake, because the part that moved was long and thin.

The sidewalks on the minor roads are about two and a half times as wide as the sidewalks on the major roads. That’s about the same width as one of the lanes on the road.

The drivers of half the cars that drove by me were Asian.

They’re building a lot–I mean A LOT– of new townhouses in the minor roads… That Harbour Reach place. They’re already got a playground set.

“That is all. Dismissed.”


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