Dear reader:

I’ve decided to go eco-friendly and turn the background to black, and the font to gray. Supposedly having black background on your screen saves energy, and I don’t doubt it.

There’s many things one can do to save energy. Instead of using Google, use Blackle.
It’s the same exact thing as Google, only the background and stuff is black.

Another way is to turn down the heat in your home. Well, now that we’re going into summer, you can turn down the air conditioning. Open a window. Put ice cubes in a ziploc and put it on the back of your neck. I don’t know; do something about it.

Eat less meat. I know it doesn’t sound like it would help, but if you eat less meat, it would save some, then some cows wouldn’t have to be killed or something… I don’t know. It does that. :D?

I’m tired, alright? -_-


4 thoughts on “Dear reader:

    • Google Chrome fails. I tried using it once and it didn’t have anything I wanted it to. And as I said, I don’t use Google.

  1. well, first of all, your efforts to save the environment seem extremely anthropocentric. it’s hard to find just a regular intrinsic value in using “black google.” rather than valuing saving the environment, a lot of these things are valuing self-righteous actions that you took to save the environment, aka this stuff makes you feel good. If you really want to see change, go the people with real power to lobby the government to enforce widespread change.

    i can appreciate what blackle is doing, but it seems like another outlet to make eco-centrism into a bigger trend, no, FAD, than it already is.

    and by the way, the way that meat contributes to the environment is the transportation of cows, and processing. carbon emissions from semi-trucks=most of the impact on the environment.


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