Random thoughts 4.13

Just because Mi-Young begged me for more stuff to read, I’m putting up another blog.

Think back to your elementary school years. For some of you, that may be easy, for it was only two, three, four years ago. For others of you, it may have been eight, ten, or nineteen. Do you remember what we celebrate on January 19th? That’s right. It’s MLK’s birthday.

Why do I bring this up? Because.

It was around that time of the year. I was volunteering after school at the elementary school across the street, and I was shelving books in the library, when I heard the librarian say, “Does anybody know what we’re celebrating today?” Some of the kids raised their hands and said things like, “Martin Luther King’s birthday,” which is totally fine. But the next thing they say bothers to poo out of me. The librarian asks what MLK has done for us, and they say, “he helped the African Americans get freedom,” and things like that. I don’t recall exactly what they said, since it was so long ago, but I remember they used biiiiiiiig vocabulary that, honestly, I don’t think some of us high-schoolers would know. And I remember, very clearly, that they were basically the same exact words that I had mumbled in my elementary school years.

And what about this pilgrims/thanksgiving poo? “Oh, Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover America. He came with his hat that has a buckle (which they didn’t) and his shoes that have buckles (which they didn’t either) and made peace with the Natives. Then they lived happily ever after.
NO. WRONG. They arrived in the Americas, thinking that it was India. Even then, going to a continent unknown by the European world and conquering it, saying that they discovered it, is pretty much the same as me, going over to your house, finding the refrigerator and saying that I “discovered” it and was now my property. And they exploited all the resources just like the way I would go and steal all your food. And then I figure, “hey, I like it here.” And I would stay and kill you off.
There’s another thing about that. America wasn’t founded by ruthlessly killing Natives.  It was the spread of the common cold, at which point the Natives didn’t have any immunity to. It was only “common” in Europe, and over the generations, they developed immunity to it through evolution (yes, evolution). It was only afterward that they figured out they could harness this disease to kill the Natives, and they started giving smallpox-infected blankets to the Natives.

You call this education? I call it brainwashing. Psh. Making the kids proud of their country when there’s really nothing to be proud of.

Hm. What else?

Oh yeah. It’s starting to piss me off that people are only now starting to want to become computer engineers. I’ve been wanting to be one since fourth or fifth grade, and I’ve been learning the basics since then. And the classes at school don’t even help. You can ask people. They tell you to click the start button, go to all programs, click on microsoft word, and BAM! You have a white thingy in front of you with a blinking vertical line on it! I wonder what it does! Wow! You can press the “y” key, and WHOA! There’s a “y” on your screen! It’s magical!



One thought on “Random thoughts 4.13

  1. so cynical! dude become a computer engineer. i think that suits you well and i think you would be great at it. I have some good friends who are in that field so let me know if you want any info or maybe even volunteer stuff or something. american history is jacked. i will agree on that. that is why that when i become i teacher i will refuse to teach such nonsense. =D

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