I decided that I was going to write a blog if my view count for a day hit zero. But the lowest I got was one. And the next day I had fifteen. Aside from that, I was thinking about writing about a lot of things, but I decided that some things were better left unsaid.
Actually, no. I just forgot what I was going to write about, about 100% of the time.  I remember there was something about stereotypes, and I was going to fabricate a story, but then my idea for the story actually happened, and I forgot what I was going to write about. Anyways…

I discovered that…the way I think is too…how you say….broad. Compared to other people. And when I try to explain myself, I usually end up saying something like, “forget it.” Recently, I was told twice that I had too big of an imagination. Once was when my brother farted and I said it sounded like the intro to Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5,” and the other was when I asked my friend if he was on his cell phone on MSN, and he said that he was right there. Or something like that.
N E Way, I was in a socratic seminar on the Thursday before break. It was about Lord of the Flies. In the end, I tried to explain something that was apparently a BIIIIIIIIIIG jump, and nobody understood what I was trying to say, and I got marked down by my peers, which pissed me off. Especially by this one girl. I’d like to go off now. Just because you don’t understand me, doesn’t mean that what I was trying to say isn’t insightful, mmkay? Now go read or something because you need it. Kthxbai.

I don’t think people realize how much thinking is involved in things that look like they don’t require much thinking. Now, if you read the above paragraph, then you probably will understand that the first sentence of this paragraph doesn’t make much sense and probably won’t unless someone explains it to you. Things like Rock-paper-scissors require much thinking and logic. Think about it. If you both play rock, then the next time, your opponent will likely think that you will play paper, to beat the next rock, so they play scissors. But then you pwn them when you play rock a second time. I always do this. I start with rock, because nobody starts with scissors.
Same thing with fighting. There’s so much science involved in fighting that I can’t really go into it unless I write a separate entry, and I don’t really feel like it since I don’t really know enough about it. It’s like… you can’t bounce back, but you can’t push with your fist to hurt someone. You have to do it perfectly in the middle. And no, I’m not promoting violence (nor am I trying to). There’s other things like, when you’re swinging a hammer, your arm acts as a lever, where the top of your arm is the fulcrum and the bottom (where the hammer is) is the weight. Then you use all that energy rolled up from the top of your arm to hit the nail.

I wonder what makes people lust for others. Certainly, sex appeal has something to do with it; figure, face and feet. Okay, maybe not feet. I just threw that in there because it started with f. Still, if you chase a person of the opposite sex just for their looks, and go out with him or her, you’re guaranteed to get nowhere. You can love someone that’s super ugly, too. It’s all about the personality. I think that people who chase others for looks are…shallow. Or at least their action is.

And remember, kids: everything happens for a reason. God doesn’t make things happen; he lets things happen.



2 thoughts on “untitled

  1. Jason! I was so excited to read your entry today! I still have your page saved as my opening page whenever I open up exlorer. I think i will forever have it that way so you better keep writing. =D I love your randomness because I would think that although it seems like its just random, I think it’s random with a purpose. I like how you put sex appeal in there when it seemed like there was no lead into that topic. What a way to make someone’s eyes go big. =D

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