We’ve been talking about evolution in Biology for the past month or so, and it’s really gotten me to think.

We’ve evolved up until this point, to this thing we are now. Animals evolve. And let’s just say that we evolved as well.

All up until the point when the first person started to use a tool…

Man has been creating things for the good of themselves.

So, rather than humans adapting to better suit their environment,

what we get is humans changing the environment to better suit their needs.

We  see this most prominently in the biggest of cities.

We have cars. We have buildings. We have roads. We have clothes.

We have chairs. Beds. Tables.

None of these things were used by the very veeeeery first humans.

Then, after all this adapting of environment, we get humans adapting to better suit their changed environment.

People growing taller. As time goes on.

People changing environment to make it easier for the taller ones.

Shorter people dying off because they can’t survive (hopefully not within the next hundred years… there’s plenty of pleasant short people alive today).

Maybe, eventually, we’ll end up looking like people on stilts.

With cities in the skies.

Above the clouds.



Upon a few weeks of thought, I’ve decided to not post my blog about religion. I still have the draft; I just don’t think it’ll work out.

Now, if any of you jerks who blam Christianity without any support, leave a comment. I’ll try to rebut you in the best way possible.

The trek. 4.24

So today I decided to take my own advice and walk without my Zune. Actually, someone convinced me to go outside because it was a sunny day. And I left my house with only my keys, phone and wallet. I even left my jacket at home. It’s okay. I didn’t need it. So from 4PM to around 7PM, I was wandering about, aimlessly, in Mukilteo. I walked about 6.08 miles. Felt good.

This is where I walked.This is where I walked.

Today… was such an epic day, even if I was tired and in pain at the end. It was all worth it, I would have to say. I was texting people as I walked out of my neighborhood, walking onto Mukilteo Speedway. I made a stop at Taekwondo and chatted with a few of the guys there (who, by the way, are great people). After that I headed up in the direction of school; I didn’t really know what I was doing or where to go,  so I just walked.

I walked to Friend 1’s house; we were having small groups later that day and I thought I would stop by and see how he was doing. Turned out he wasn’t home. I went inside and found nobody. I sat for a while, then decided to go out. On my way out, I saw his mom pulling weeds. It was so awkward. She must have thought I was a thief or something.

So I left, and I kept walking in the direction I was heading. I noticed a girl from my school leaving her house; I was friends with her brother, a seventh grader, and I decided to stop in to loot his food supply before heading out again.  And so I left, asking people if they were home, to see if I could stop by and say hello. Most of the time I was not welcome;  so I continued walking. I walked and walked, walking through places I’ve always wanted to walk through but had never had the chance before. I walked through the Harbour Pointe loop thingy. And throughout this whole trip, I noticed a few things. Here they are in list form:

1) Mukilteo is a lot nicer than I thought. I guess most of what I see is industrial.
2) I usually test the driving skills of drivers when I walk. Sometimes I wave them by when I’m trying to cross a street; if they go, then they’re not good drivers. I think. If they wave me to go by, then they are.  Pedestrians have the right of way.
3) There were a few people that passed me that actually greeted me. I was suprised. I didn’t think anybody would actually greet me.
4) There was some guy, after I stopped running, that I came up behind, and he must have thought I was a threat or something because he kept glancing back at me.
5) I lost my train of thought.

Anyway, on the way back, I hopped a gate and landed on my leg funny and now it hurts. Nothing too bad, I hope.

This blog turned out to be longer than expected.

Next trek scheduled for… I don’t know when. Whenever I have time. Someone should welcome me into his/her home.

I confess.

Alright, I admit it. I made a kid cry today. Here’s what happened.

I went walked into Columbia Elementary at little late today, and when I went in, I sat down in my usual spot in the Lifeskills room, on my chair made of giant puzzle pieces. I did my usual routine of making the children grab a piece of paper off of velcro that says “popcorn” on it, which is basically their way of “talking” to us.  While I was doing that, I glanced at Jorden (the one who can’t swallow) a few times, who was over on a swing,  looking absolutely depressed. A few moments later, a heard a gentle whining, and when I looked over at Jorden, I noticed he was crying. I pointed it out to one of the teachers, who said, “Yeah, thanks for noticing.” One of the other teachers told me that she would get a book for me to read to him (since she was the tallest and put the bins up high above cabinets where nobody else could reach them >.>), and as soon as I stood up, Jorden stopped crying and had this HUGE smile on his face. He always does when he knows he’s going to be read to.

The teacher handed me a book titled, “Peek-a-who?” (or something similar–I can’t really remember the title), and I walked over to Jorden, who was kicking and laughing like he does when he’s excited. I sat down and started reading the book. There were cartoon animals in the book, showing their arms covering their eyes. “Guess who? Peek-a…” and then you unfold a flap and it brings down their arms, and on the inside, it says, “Moo! says the Cow.” “Guess who? Peek-a… Baa! says the sheep.” Jorden was sitting there, laughing and kicking, when I came across a page that was missing a flap. The page was ripped out. So I made a makeshift one. “Guess who? Peek-a… cluck cluck! says the chicken.” and I removed my hand. He enjoyed it so much. I continued on to the last page, where there’s a little baby and the words, “Guess who? Peek-a…boo! Says you.” And I unfolded the flap and he enjoyed it. So I went back to the beginning and started all over, and when I came across the chicken, I did it again, putting my hand over its face, and I said, “Peek-a… Quack! says the mouse. Peek-a…Quack! says the mouse. Peek-a…Quack! says the mouse.” He seemed to enjoy this so much that I kept doing it and doing it… and when he finally lost interest, I went over to the last page and did it with the baby. “Peek-a….boo! Peek-a….boo! Peek-a….boo!”

Ah, what fun it was. In the middle of it, I thought about what had happened in the beginning, when he was crying, and it made me felt like crying. I mean, the lack of attention was understandable; there was an almost-full house today, with a new boy named Danny (who happens to be the only white boy there). The kids require so much attention that it’s easy to forget about other ones.

It was such a simple act of moving my hand back and forth across the page. It was so entertaining for him. Yet he was so forgotten.

So, after I had played this “peek-a-boo” game with Jorden for about half an hour, I saw that I had made him laugh so hard that he was crying. I felt good down inside for making Jorden happy, but I also felt rather guilty because I didn’t want to read to him when I first got there. When I read to him, the teachers make me stay longer, preventing me from going to the library on time, not having me take the other kids out to the school bus, because apparently I’m the best they’ve had work with Jorden. I doubt that’s true.

On another note, have you ever met a person who drives a short bus? They’re so awesome, dude. They know their kids by name (probably because there’s only one or two), but they treat them so nicely. I wish I could be friends with the short bus drivers.  I mean, I reaaaally don’t like the normal bus drivers. The one I had in middle school was an absolute [female dog].


Random thoughts, 4.22

Do any of you run? No, I don’t mean from your mom when she’s holding a stick and you’ve done something wrong. I mean, running outside. Jogging around a block or something.

Those of you who do, let me ask you this:
Do you listen to music when you run?

I’ve always thought it was interesting the way that people listen to music when they run. I mean, I’d rather be outside to listen to the quiet sounds of nature… or listen to cars passing you, depending on where you live and/or jog. I, personally, don’t listen to music when I ride my bike, because a) It’s a saftey hazard–a car could come up to me and hit me, and 2) I like to listen to the tranquil noises I can listen to after I pass the stoners’ house.  I enjoy listening to the sound of the bike wheel cruising along on the asphalt, riding past small businesses to see how they’re doing, escaping loose dogs, you know. Stuff like that.

Religion post still in the making. Still iffy about posting it, though. Got about 6 “go ahead”s and 1 “don’t go ahead.” You’ll see.

TTFN! Ta-ta for now!

Random thoughts 4.13

Just because Mi-Young begged me for more stuff to read, I’m putting up another blog.

Think back to your elementary school years. For some of you, that may be easy, for it was only two, three, four years ago. For others of you, it may have been eight, ten, or nineteen. Do you remember what we celebrate on January 19th? That’s right. It’s MLK’s birthday.

Why do I bring this up? Because.

It was around that time of the year. I was volunteering after school at the elementary school across the street, and I was shelving books in the library, when I heard the librarian say, “Does anybody know what we’re celebrating today?” Some of the kids raised their hands and said things like, “Martin Luther King’s birthday,” which is totally fine. But the next thing they say bothers to poo out of me. The librarian asks what MLK has done for us, and they say, “he helped the African Americans get freedom,” and things like that. I don’t recall exactly what they said, since it was so long ago, but I remember they used biiiiiiiig vocabulary that, honestly, I don’t think some of us high-schoolers would know. And I remember, very clearly, that they were basically the same exact words that I had mumbled in my elementary school years.

And what about this pilgrims/thanksgiving poo? “Oh, Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover America. He came with his hat that has a buckle (which they didn’t) and his shoes that have buckles (which they didn’t either) and made peace with the Natives. Then they lived happily ever after.
NO. WRONG. They arrived in the Americas, thinking that it was India. Even then, going to a continent unknown by the European world and conquering it, saying that they discovered it, is pretty much the same as me, going over to your house, finding the refrigerator and saying that I “discovered” it and was now my property. And they exploited all the resources just like the way I would go and steal all your food. And then I figure, “hey, I like it here.” And I would stay and kill you off.
There’s another thing about that. America wasn’t founded by ruthlessly killing Natives.  It was the spread of the common cold, at which point the Natives didn’t have any immunity to. It was only “common” in Europe, and over the generations, they developed immunity to it through evolution (yes, evolution). It was only afterward that they figured out they could harness this disease to kill the Natives, and they started giving smallpox-infected blankets to the Natives.

You call this education? I call it brainwashing. Psh. Making the kids proud of their country when there’s really nothing to be proud of.

Hm. What else?

Oh yeah. It’s starting to piss me off that people are only now starting to want to become computer engineers. I’ve been wanting to be one since fourth or fifth grade, and I’ve been learning the basics since then. And the classes at school don’t even help. You can ask people. They tell you to click the start button, go to all programs, click on microsoft word, and BAM! You have a white thingy in front of you with a blinking vertical line on it! I wonder what it does! Wow! You can press the “y” key, and WHOA! There’s a “y” on your screen! It’s magical!



I decided that I was going to write a blog if my view count for a day hit zero. But the lowest I got was one. And the next day I had fifteen. Aside from that, I was thinking about writing about a lot of things, but I decided that some things were better left unsaid.
Actually, no. I just forgot what I was going to write about, about 100% of the time.  I remember there was something about stereotypes, and I was going to fabricate a story, but then my idea for the story actually happened, and I forgot what I was going to write about. Anyways…

I discovered that…the way I think is too…how you say….broad. Compared to other people. And when I try to explain myself, I usually end up saying something like, “forget it.” Recently, I was told twice that I had too big of an imagination. Once was when my brother farted and I said it sounded like the intro to Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5,” and the other was when I asked my friend if he was on his cell phone on MSN, and he said that he was right there. Or something like that.
N E Way, I was in a socratic seminar on the Thursday before break. It was about Lord of the Flies. In the end, I tried to explain something that was apparently a BIIIIIIIIIIG jump, and nobody understood what I was trying to say, and I got marked down by my peers, which pissed me off. Especially by this one girl. I’d like to go off now. Just because you don’t understand me, doesn’t mean that what I was trying to say isn’t insightful, mmkay? Now go read or something because you need it. Kthxbai.

I don’t think people realize how much thinking is involved in things that look like they don’t require much thinking. Now, if you read the above paragraph, then you probably will understand that the first sentence of this paragraph doesn’t make much sense and probably won’t unless someone explains it to you. Things like Rock-paper-scissors require much thinking and logic. Think about it. If you both play rock, then the next time, your opponent will likely think that you will play paper, to beat the next rock, so they play scissors. But then you pwn them when you play rock a second time. I always do this. I start with rock, because nobody starts with scissors.
Same thing with fighting. There’s so much science involved in fighting that I can’t really go into it unless I write a separate entry, and I don’t really feel like it since I don’t really know enough about it. It’s like… you can’t bounce back, but you can’t push with your fist to hurt someone. You have to do it perfectly in the middle. And no, I’m not promoting violence (nor am I trying to). There’s other things like, when you’re swinging a hammer, your arm acts as a lever, where the top of your arm is the fulcrum and the bottom (where the hammer is) is the weight. Then you use all that energy rolled up from the top of your arm to hit the nail.

I wonder what makes people lust for others. Certainly, sex appeal has something to do with it; figure, face and feet. Okay, maybe not feet. I just threw that in there because it started with f. Still, if you chase a person of the opposite sex just for their looks, and go out with him or her, you’re guaranteed to get nowhere. You can love someone that’s super ugly, too. It’s all about the personality. I think that people who chase others for looks are…shallow. Or at least their action is.

And remember, kids: everything happens for a reason. God doesn’t make things happen; he lets things happen.