Why do we have to go through school?

Does it seem like they put us through school just to put us through stress, watch people commit suicide over “cyber-bullying,” or to help the economy by having us buy school supplies?

Why does the government care?

Do they really, if anyone becomes an internationally acclaimed genius, want to brag and say, “Heh. He/She is from AMERICA, Bee-otch!” or something similar?

Do they get us into routine so we can prepare for our future lives, where, after we come “real” people, we’ll do the same stuff every day, over and over, until we can do it with our eyes closed?
But what would be the point of that? Would we be subconciously working for the government?

Are they, in actuality, stealing part of the taxes we pay for school and putting it into a secret underground operation that will help them in the destruction of the world?

I’m not seeing anything good happening with those tax dollars we put into the school system. Mostly retarded teachers that can’t teach or outdated textbooks.

Where is the money going?

But most of all, why? Nobody seems to be able to answer this question.

…I feel like I’m wasting blogs.


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