teh intranetz

It’s funny how..no, it’s not funny. I’ve read too many entries that start with “It’s funny how…” It’s become a cliche.

Anyway, It’s funny how the internet influences our life. And as far as I see it, the internet is doing more harm than good. People who use the internet on a daily basis are more likey to use acronyms that don’t work in real life. I know, for a fact, that I say “lol” at least twenty times a day, not including the times I actually say it out loud.

Here’s my prediction of how the world will turn out. People will forget the rules of grammar and punctuation. ppl will rite essays like this n evrythng will b koo. cept those who immigrate and try to learn the language. theyll have the crap confused out of em.  We’ll rely on word processers to fix our grammatical and spelling errors. If you ask anyone  who’s advanced enough in English, they’ll tell you that word processing grammar FAILS. It’s absolutely terrible. Either way…SAT scores will drop lower to lower, to the point where a 1300 is considered laudable (and lolable…LOL). Someone will invent technology for us where we don’t have to speak but can type stuff and have it displayed in front of us. They’ll invent moving chairs, where we don’t have to walk. Kind of like in Wall-E. And all of us get so fat that there isn’t enough muscle in our faces to move the fat around. Then someone’ll invent something that’ll put expression on our faces. For example, you’ll write 😀 and there will be a little cut-out thing in front of your face with 😀 on it. Yeah, very retarded-sounding. I know.

Sure, you can use the internet to “research” or “get help from peers,”  but the risks outweigh the benefits. In your casual “surfing” of the net, you’ll, more-likely-than-not, come across some sort of Myspace or Facebook page. And the noob (another internet slang word) that you are, you go and meet someone and get raped.

Actually, about the word “noob”… I heard my third grade teacher use it. I’m sure she meant it in the way of “newb,” which is short for “newbie.” She was talking about some of the new teachers. That was the first time I had heard it used outside of the internet.

Anyway, we’ll end up stuck inside our houses, have stuff made and delivered to us by robots, and “hang out” through virtual means because we’ll be too fat to get up off our seats.

I think that’s it.


4 thoughts on “teh intranetz

  1. 1) You must read some boring articles if they all start with, “It’s funny how…”
    2) You’re right. The world will always have slang in any language and will always have shortcuts to saying things. You’re missing some accent marks, apostrophes, have misspelled words, unnecessary capitalization, and etcetera up there. I mean, I never use correct grammar and punctuation on many things because it’s a lot more comfortable and it takes a lot of worries off my OCD mind. It’s the flow of the English language.
    3) Think more global. There are still many places in the world without advanced technology. Get out of the United States mindset and living conditions.
    4) I’m the one that traps the noobs and tortures them.

  2. – One of my foreign language teachers told me that English is one of the few really messed up languages in the world and it’s going to keep getting messed up. Language has always been a part of culture so I guess if you want to change things, gotta start where it all began: the culture.

    – I agree with Kyong. there a hundreds, millions of places without technology. Look at the bigger picture and then look at where that picture is placed on the wall. As humans, we have such a limited, narrow understanding and I think it’s natural to be close-minded. Try seeing it from God’s point of view, that’ll make your head spin in circles.

    On a side note, only bullies pick on noobs. Therefore, Kyong’s a bully. 😛 Everyone’s a noob when they start out with something new.

  3. I really hope i don’t live to see the day where everything become more convenient than it already is and even more people get fat.

    • It’s a little late.
      In the past few years we’ve gotten touchscreen technology and voice-activated services.

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