Sorry if that last post offended any of you women (and maybe some men) out there. Foamy made it a little harsher than I had intended it (for those of you who don’t know, Foamy is the squirrel).


I’ve wondered a lot of things over the past few years. I’ll number them so you can answer them. 😀

1) Why don’t we consider the guy who invented soap as one of the greatest scientists? Oh, wait. It may have been used in 4000BC. Why isn’t it considered one of the greatest inventions, next to the wheel?
2) Why does nationalism exist?
3) How did the Nazis think of the ways in eradicating the Jews?
4) When the colonists came from Great Britain, how did they lose (or gain) their accents?
5) Where does racism come from?
6) Where do words come from? How do we come up with names for things? Why do we call apples apples? Why do we call  orange oranges oranges?
7) How is the N word offensive? They probably said “black” in spanish and changed it by saying it fast. If I said “white” in a foreign language, and changed it by saying it quickly, would you be offended?
8) [NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SUNGLASSES FACE] Why do people blow things waayyy out of proportion? Is it to send people on a guilt trip?
9) Why must we learn history in school?
10) Why is it required by law to go to school?
11) Why don’t people follow the proper rules of grammar when on the internet?
12) y do they always talk like this
13) without punctuation or capitalization
14) and incorrect spelling
15) Dangit, I can’t even do it.
16) Has anyone else noticed…. There’s been such a large jump in technology that if you talked about “blogging” or “googling” something fifty years ago, or using the internet on your phone, or being able to fit the equivalent of  20,000 turntable records into a little two-inch by three-inch by 1/8-inch thingy with a wheel on it that fits into your pocket, they’d look at you like you had gone mentally insane?

This brings up my next topic: The internet. It will be up later.


6 thoughts on “questions

  1. oh jason… such great questions. i wish i had answers. here’s one answer. when it comes to casual typing, i just do it. i dont wanna stress about capitals, or proper grammar or punctuation. in word, you have it automatically fix it for you. in facebook, you don’t. its called laziness

  2. good questions.

    1. little kids don’t like soap. they like cars. the mindset is permanent.
    2. why does anything exist?
    3. they weren’t eradicating the jews. they were “cleansing the world”. bs.
    4. well they didn’t until other cultures moved in and everyone started mixing up.
    5. racism comes from xenophobia.
    6. to make things easier, i guess…
    7. it’s only offensive coming from an “outsider”. it’s like us asian corner kids joking around. white people can’t do that with us. it’s just rude coming from them. same mindset.
    8. actually, yes. everyone, even if they claim not to, likes drama. it’s human instinct. we stir it up naturally.
    9. to prevent history from repeating itself. which actually backfires. and so we don’t become like the civilization of 1984
    10. because it’s “free”. even though it’s from our taxes…
    11. it’s just easier. hahaha.
    15. yes.

  3. Hmm. Some of those i could offer answers to (don’t know if they’d be correct and they’d be arguable) but there are definitely a few that make you think.

    I look forward to hearing you rant about the internet.

  4. I like #4…. made me laugh.

    As for #7, if a people group finds it offensive, I only think it natural to respect them and not call them that.

  5. I have a couple of answers to these questions, but I can’t think straight right now. I just tried writing my answers, but they’re not making any sense…guess I’m a little more tired than I thought, hahaha.

  6. 1) Don’t forget other inventions like the computer
    2) People want an identity
    3) What randomlifeskeptic said
    4) …
    5) When one race thinks they are better than another without any reason why
    6) Why not?
    7) I guess its just because it was used offensively to slaves before the civil war and after
    8) probably
    9) dunno i hate it too
    10) To learn?
    11) Because we get enough of it in school
    12) its fun
    13/14/15) ok that got annoying
    16) um… yep

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