the perfect lie

Everybody lies. You, me, PM (I know he’s reading this), your teachers, my teachers, your parents, my parents… They all either lie now, or have lied before. It’s a given. Lying is human nature. But there’s a certain lie that goes on all around the world without consequence. This lie…it is told by billions of people everyday, and yet we think nothing of it. This lie is called:


Think about it. Why do people wear makeup? They wear it to make themselves prettier, without doubt, but those who wear it are only hiding behind a mask. And what are masks? They are covers; something you see on the outside that is different from the inside. You are seeing something false, rather than something true. And if you see something false rather than true, you are seeing a LIE.

Makeup can even hurt you in the long term. If you look up ingredients mascara (the not-expensive kind), you can find things like bat excrement. For those who don’t know what that means, Β it means POOP. BAT POOP in your MASCARA. Fun stuff.

You know what, I can’t get my ideas across so I found a little animation by Jonathan Ian Mathers (from Illwillpress) that expressed my ideas perfectly. Here’s a link.

Warning: Mild cursing will ensue.

That’s it for now.


5 thoughts on “the perfect lie

  1. i think about 3 weeks ago, PM was complaining about how some girls don’t know how to put make-up on and it makes them look…not very good.

    honestly, i wear makeup to hide my imperfections or at least to minimize them as much as i can. but i also wear make-up to emphasize the best parts of my face, hahaha but i go au naturale every now and then.

    the more i think about it, i have very mixed opinions about make-up. i don’t know why, but i like putting it on. (i think that’s the girl in me talking) i was reading the book of esther in the bible the other day and it talked about how some of the girls in the harem would go through 20 beauty treatments to make themselves pretty. so technically, make-up’s been around for a long time…

    i wonder how many guys actually appreciate girls for their natural looks and how many appreciate a little cover-up here and there. hmmm, i’m curious.

    btw, thanks for saying that i don’t look ugly. much appreciated, hahahaha. πŸ˜›

    i will remember this post the next time i put make-up on. πŸ˜›

  2. Oh I most definitely agree with you.
    This is why I don’t wear make-up (Except on workdays where it’s basically required. Humph.). I figure I should be able to attract someone without it. Because really spending the rest of your life with someone involves them seeing you without make-up. It’s a given. So should they fall in love with you or with the make-up you wear?

    It’s a harsher perspective you have, and I have heard other people’s point of views on it. A friend of mine wears make-up because she sees her face as an extension of her artist’s pallet.

  3. oh gee thanks..
    you know what, if you haven’t thought of it, some people just aren’t very confident in their own skin like myself. I don’t do it to try and be the hottest girl in the world because I’m not even close, or to get attention or anything like that, I actually feel really insecure about myself, especially my looks with or without it. I mean, I understand what you are saying completely, and I’m not trying to make you change your opinion or anything, it just hurts me probably more than most people. I’m a lie, and I’m hiding behind a mask; thanks.

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